Growing & Designing in Moffatdale we flower the Wide bay burnett region and beyond.

specialising in wedding flowers & CUSTOM FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS

we are known for our romantic + whimsical + earthy and  luxurious style

Wide Bay Burnett
Boutique Florist + Flower Farm

welcome to the whispering branch

We understand, and want to genuinely take care of you.
Growing and designing for a limited number of Weddings per year means that you will enjoy a personalised boutique experience filled with the perfect flowers for your celebration. 

You're here because you're celebrating one of the most important and emotion filled days of your life, and you know the best way to express that is through flowers

Have you herd of “Kintsugi“ ? It’s the Japanese art of repairing cracked pottery with gold. Built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art. Sometimes in the process of repairing things that have broken, we actually create something more unique, beautiful and resilient.
This flower journey is a story of Kintsugi.
From the cracks is often where you shine the brightest.

A creative at heart, wife, mother of 3 and tender of Bees. 
Cheeky and charming, hopelessly poetic and a walking contradiction

Hey there, I'm Stace -
Floral Designer and Grower



With a detailed understanding of your vision we offer the services of event styling + on the Day Coordination

The logistics involved in a wedding are enormous and its is highly likely you will get bombarded with questions to problem solve, which can pull you away from soaking up the beautiful day you have worked so hard to bring together.

A little extra help?

- jill

 Stace just thinking about everything you created and how beautiful of a person you are just makes me so emotional. I basically gave you zero brief yet you created my idea of the most perfect wonderland I could possibly imagine. I will never forget it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you 

"you created my idea of the most perfect wonderland I could possibly imagine. I will never forget it"

- Stacey & James

"Stace was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Nothing was ever too much trouble and her constant communication with me in the months and even hours leading up to our special day were fabulous.
As someone who has next to no idea about flowers, only had a few ideas for what I wanted included in our wedding florals. Stace managed to put together the most beautiful bouquets, boutonnières and arbour arrangement I could have ever imagined. I was so in love when I saw them all!
Then due to the weather we had a last minute change of ceremony location. Stace kept in constant touch with me that morning and made our arbour arrangement work perfectly in our new location. She even located the exact spot in our rustic shed that would be the most aesthetically pleasing for our ceremony and photos. Thank you so much Stace, I was so relaxed about the whole situation which I partly contribute to you taking this on for me.
So Stace, thank you so much for your contribution in making our day so magical.

"I was so in love when I saw them all!

- Gemma

"Working with Stacey was one of my favourite parts of the wedding process! She understood my vision completely and was even open to incorporating flowers I had grown myself. Even 6 months after the wedding I am still getting comments about how unique and beautiful the flowers were. Beyond the flowers, Stacey is just a dream to work with and her skills and natural design flare made me feel so relaxed about the whole process."

'Stacey is just a dream to work with and her skills and natural design flare made me feel so relaxed about the whole process."

- Lizzie

It was an absolute delight to work with Stacey for the flowers for our recent wedding! I had instantly fallen in love with Stacey's flowers and her designs, each piece was so unique and stunning and our wedding pieces where no exception! Not living locally didn't make the slightest difference to how beautiful our flowers where Stace and I were in regular contact via email and phone, she went above and beyond to make everything perfect sourcing a particular flower for me, and matching flowers perfectly to my dress and bridesmaids dresses. Each flower was so thoughtfully picked and arranged, I could feel the love in each piece. I received so many compliments on the day and since the wedding on how stunning our flowers were! We both loved supporting a local business as part of our wedding, and Stacey was exceptional."

"she went above and beyond to make everything perfect"

praise from kind-hearted clients