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The Whispering Branch Bride has a strong eco focus + desiring a unique and personalised experience with custom grown pallets & floral textures, Inspired meadows & Botanical Wonderlands. Our Floral sculptures + installations will create a memorable visual impact, enchanting your guests. We invite you to visit our farm, wander the field and watch your wedding flowers grow. 

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How we approach designing wedding flowers in the South Burnett. 

Our Philosophy 

Seasonality drives our design asethic. We grow the most incredibly beautiful blooms and textures during every season so stay open-minded about specific flowers used on the big day. We focus on highlighting the best of what Mother nature has to offer. We have existing relationships with other growers in SEQ and we know where to thoughtfully source all of the special additional flowers to bring your floral artwork to life. 

We take care of you. We know how overwhelming planning a wedding can be and we’re here to help guide the way. Additionally We will be there on the day, and having the detailed understanding of your vision we are happy to offer the additional service of styling and Coordination on the day.

We’re advocates for focusing on a few, bigger impact pieces. Let’s make the most of your budget & stick to that budget. All the while creating a memorable visual impact, enchanting your guests. Our bouquets feature a mix of textures and gestures, we love colour and soft neutral hues equally. 

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful. 
We’re on a mission to keep the floral design part simple & fun.

How it works

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Step 01


Click through to our contact page and submit the initial enquiry form. We will respond within 24-48 hours.


A get-to-know-you questionnaire or phone consultation, asking key questions about your priorities for the big day. 

Design Recommendation

We’ll provide you with a design recommendation outlining options that best suit your budget, priorities and venue. 

booking confirmation

Yay! We are a great fit and cant wait to work together. A booking deposit is made and contract signed. Your date is secure.

Planning Session

Six weeks prior to the day we’ll meet (in person or via Zoom) to run through all the details, review any changes to logistics and finalise your design plan

Step 06

Your Wedding Day

Don’t stress and enjoy the day! Our team has all the details covered and will be on-site managing the set up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum investment?

We do not have a minimum investment. 
Most of our couples spend between $1800 - $5500 on their wedding flowers.

How to choose your Wedding Flower budget?

We recommend choosing a budget range (e.g. $2,000 - $3,500) and enquiring with us to see which items fit within that range.
ASK us for guidance around which items to cut or create more abundance in reference to the total price.
Remember, we have years of experience and knowledge with wedding flowers - we know how to save and how to create more abundance.
Be open-minded about your wish-list and know that as designers, we love to do just that - DESIGN the most incredible florals inspired by your love story, creating a beautiful space for our clients. Each couple has a different vision and will spend depending on their requirements. One couple may have dreams of a lush hanging installation, while others may only require personal blooms and some bud vases. The amount you spend on your flowers really does depend on your vision, the complexity of the style, seasonal availability, location of venues and items required. On average, our clients spend between $1,800 - $5,500 on their wedding flowers.

How to use Your budget?

We always recommend the best way to use your budget is to include only statement pieces. The features that make an impact - not the small bits no one notices.This includes items such as: bouquets, ceremony backdrop, aisle flowers, bridal table, guest table, ceiling installation

Can we make changes after we pay our deposit?

Yes, absolutely! After you have secured your date with a deposit and signed the contract, you can absolutely still make changes to your quoted items. You can do this up until 6 weeks before your wedding date.You may find that you have forgotten small items on the week of your wedding (ie. a buttonhole for a family member, or bud vases in the bathroom), and that’s ok - we can easily adjust your invoice.
When booking your wedding 12-18 months in advance, we do not expect you to have all these details set in stone.

- jill

 Stace just thinking about everything you created and how beautiful of a person you are just makes me so emotional. I basically gave you zero brief yet you created my idea of the most perfect wonderland I could possibly imagine. I will never forget it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you 

"you created my idea of the most perfect wonderland I could possibly imagine. I will never forget it"

- Stacey & James

"Stace was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Nothing was ever too much trouble and her constant communication with me in the months and even hours leading up to our special day were fabulous.
As someone who has next to no idea about flowers, only had a few ideas for what I wanted included in our wedding florals. Stace managed to put together the most beautiful bouquets, boutonnières and arbour arrangement I could have ever imagined. I was so in love when I saw them all!
Then due to the weather we had a last minute change of ceremony location. Stace kept in constant touch with me that morning and made our arbour arrangement work perfectly in our new location. She even located the exact spot in our rustic shed that would be the most aesthetically pleasing for our ceremony and photos. Thank you so much Stace, I was so relaxed about the whole situation which I partly contribute to you taking this on for me.
So Stace, thank you so much for your contribution in making our day so magical.

"I was so in love when I saw them all!

- Gemma

"Working with Stacey was one of my favourite parts of the wedding process! She understood my vision completely and was even open to incorporating flowers I had grown myself. Even 6 months after the wedding I am still getting comments about how unique and beautiful the flowers were. Beyond the flowers, Stacey is just a dream to work with and her skills and natural design flare made me feel so relaxed about the whole process."

'Stacey is just a dream to work with and her skills and natural design flare made me feel so relaxed about the whole process."

- Lizzie

It was an absolute delight to work with Stacey for the flowers for our recent wedding! I had instantly fallen in love with Stacey's flowers and her designs, each piece was so unique and stunning and our wedding pieces where no exception! Not living locally didn't make the slightest difference to how beautiful our flowers where Stace and I were in regular contact via email and phone, she went above and beyond to make everything perfect sourcing a particular flower for me, and matching flowers perfectly to my dress and bridesmaids dresses. Each flower was so thoughtfully picked and arranged, I could feel the love in each piece. I received so many compliments on the day and since the wedding on how stunning our flowers were! We both loved supporting a local business as part of our wedding, and Stacey was exceptional."

"she went above and beyond to make everything perfect"

praise from kind-hearted clients

...when you hire a floral designer you are commissioning artwork hand crafted with a living are asking an artist to create an utterly unique and personal work of floral art - inspired by you and your love story...

Yep that's pretty special!

(more than "just flowers") lets work together, click below

"we are for the lovers who want to commission a piece of floral artwork....
not just order wedding flowers"

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